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Throne of Thunder Items

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Notice: Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold
Throne of Thunder is New raid instance in Patch 5.2. Emperor Lei Shen, the Thunder King, has returned to wreak his vengeance on Pandaria. It falls to the heroes of the Alliance and the Horde to stop the newly resurrected tyrant and his Zandalari allies in the Throne of Thunder. The Throne of Thunder is a sprawling citadel housing 12 raid encounters, and players that defeat Emperor Lei Shen in Heroic mode can earn the opportunity to face an additional 13th foe. Get ready to down the new bosses in the Throne of Thunder by reading the encounter journal and watching guides! Ofcourse You can buy all loots from bosses from our team.


The Siege of Orgrimmar warlock three system development

      Comprehensive       Corrosion of damage is increased by 10%.         Sacrifice damage increased by 10%.         Demon portal can no longer be attack. Continuous time debuff use the demon portal extended to 60 seconds (up from 15 seconds).     &nb ...MORE

Patch 5.4 open Blizzard desktop open test will be in September 12

      Mmohonestsale:We are pleased to announce that, in the near future, we will launch the new ® client. As for the blizzard game design new clients, it will enhance the social experience and make the game player, game player can more easily add all Blizzard games.                 ...MORE

Cloud dragon riding can change into account sharing in 5.4PTR

      Mmohonestsale:May in 5.4 will cloud Xianglong riding instead of sharing for account, that is as long as the current account has a role to the cloud dragon riding, other roles in the account without once again full of Dragon Knights reputation can ride on the cloud dragon mounts.           &n ...MORE

Siege of Orgrimmar :Change the paladin and warlock in version 5.4

      Mmohonestsale:In patch 5.4 paladin is only enhanced in talent can on Humanoidsor beast cast fear. The physician glyph is reset, melee damage wasturn treatment effect was converted into a seal of insight asteammates blood, but only 30% of the normal therapeutic effect.Due to the blood is one of the important anti ride life means, so this glyph in only a few copies ...MORE

Siege of Orgrimmar:Change the druid and thieves in version 5.4

      Druids overall enhanced in patch 5.4, and most of the adjustment is a passive skill. Druids are born beloved, 5.3 is occupationadjustment beneficiaries. This time, Druid again won the good gain: 88 level recovery de added active skills originated. The 40 yard range all by myself in the cast in friendlies rejuvenation to improve the operation speed of onset to 400% ...MORE